5 Fun Art and Craft Activities for Holiday Entertainment

Jul 17 , 2019

Ilzé Saunders-Buys

5 Fun Art and Craft Activities for Holiday Entertainment

Lets go beyond your craftiest dreams. There is something magical about being creative and creating something yourself where you can say “I made it”. It gives you a sense of wonder, curiosity, and ability to look at the world with endless inspiration.

I have found 5 Art and Craft activities at CNA that will spruce up your home with some decor and gifting DIY.

1. Creative Bunting

Bunting is a symbol of celebration and its whimsical. With bunting you can simply just burst with ideas in colour, patterns, themes and they are an adorable way to add interest and colour to your home or any occasion. You can use different materials but I absolutely love using the Design Paper Stack as its double sided printed.

A. Cut your paper with a handy scissor as indicated.
B. Assembly your paper cut outs with ribbon by punching holes just big enough on the sides for the ribbon or string to fit.
C. Hang it up!


2. Gift triangular box

Isn’t it cute?

Good things come in tiny triangular boxes especially if they are packed with something sweet. These boxes are really simple and easy to make and does come in handy if you would like to surprise people with a mini gift. You can use different colors of paper to make it. I used the Design Paper double sided printed stack.

A. The triangular box requires 1 sheet of square paper and ribbon.
B. As shown the triangular paper is marked at the bottom/ base in a square,
C. The square has 4 sides that are triangles.
D. Each triangular point punched with a hole.
E. Fold the squares upwards together to make a triangular box.
F. Tie it together with a ribbon.

3. Painting a little Canvas

Life is a blank canvas, it has unlimited possibilities and so does this little canvas too. These little canvasses are absolutely adorable and it gives life to any room. I have painted a little bird to add to my home decor and gifting theme by adding paper flowers.


3.1 Painting the canvas
A. You can use any paint, but I used the Pritt Water paint because it dries quickly and art board brushes to paint a little bird with colourful leaves.

3.2 Adding Paper flowers
A. By cutting out 5 hearts and sticking the points together you can easily create a paper flower. I used this technique to create these flowers on the little canvas.
B. All you need is paper, glue and a scissor.

4. Create your own candles

This candle making craft box will inspire you with endless candles ideas and I must warn you its addictive too. Making candles is super easy and a whole lot of fun. It adds a calming atmosphere to any room. I used the star mould from the candle making craft box but you can use any cool, unique jars to add that special touch to your home.

A. The Create Your Own Candles comes with 2 candle moulds, soy wax, 2 cotton wick.
B. Pour the soy wax in a pot, and heat it slowly for the wax to melt.
C. Pour the wax in the moulds.
D. Insert the cotton wicks into the wax and center it.
E. Once its dry you can remove the candles for the mould and its ready to be used.

5. Create your own Dreamcatchers

There is something magical about a dreamcatcher and with this ‘create your own dreamcatcher and wall hangings craft box you are inspired to make your own personalized, dreamiest boho vibes wall hangings to add detail and interest to your space.

A. Create your own dreamcatcher box comes with a hoop, white ribbon, white thread, crochet hook, white twine, white feathers and beads.
B. You will need a needle and scissors.
C. Cover your hoop with ribbon.
D. Crochet your web using the thread as you would like it to be displayed. (here you can be very creative).
E. Cut lengths of twine and decorate it with beads and feathers.
F. Attach it to the whoop.

From creating home decor to gifts you can easily brighten up your or someone else’s life. I have a feeling there are fresh ideas brewing that inspire you to make more, and to add to your holiday entertainment.